It is the Golden Age of the Entrepreneur, but most will fail

 50% in the first 4 years 
70% over 10 years 
80% of founders even put their own money into it

It was all very hard to understand until I became one.

Interviewing more than 50 of you this year alone, I heard the obsession, the calling, the compulsion to take this idea that you hold, and to make it real. It wasn’t “want to do it,” it was “had to do it.”

Being inspired by your example, this project was created for founders and business leaders for the sole purpose of helping you grow your business and add value. Being a founder means going against the odds, and often going it alone. This project is here to improve your odds, validate your decisions, and offer guidance to go in new directions. All with the goal of making your big idea into something your customers will enjoy.

The book is the culmination of 12 months of intensive research and conversations with world class founders and those who support them. This combined with 18 years of marketing leadership experience led to a concrete point of view on how to help guide founders, from ideation and all the way through their exit. Beyond Product provides both the strategy and specific guidance at all 5 defined stages of growth.

The podcast is your weekly drip of 50 great conversations you wish you had time to have. With people you would love to share a cup of coffee with and get to know better. Some are household names, others have no desire to be. But everyone shares the same desire to see their idea grow into something amazing. I cover a variety of topics that will challenge the status quo, add great insights and perspectives, and help founders feel connected to your amazing peers.

The blog is your gateway to get update insights and chapters not contained in the book, industry insights, and access to resources to help you on your journey. Have a perspective you want to share and guest post – just let me know. Between the two of us, we will make this look easy together!

Services are your way to bring amazing talent into your organization to solve your specific problems and help get you over this next hurdle. From advisory services to strategic planning, from projects to serving as your CMO, founders need help along the way.

Speaking/events is a great way to get me or a personally selected group of speakers to host your next event, conference, or program. Experience in rooms from 10 to 10,000, Todd is a warm, knowledgeable, comfortable speaker who engages the audience as well as showcasing the talented people on stage with him.

About Todd:

Todd is a Midwestern-raised, now Silicon Valley marketing leader who has helped numerous world-class brands become even better. With leadership roles at companies like PeopleSoft, PayPal/eBay, SAP, Neustar, and Verisign under his belt, he began working with founders, entrepreneurs, and startups. Along the way, he saw similar traits in founders and big idea people – a struggle to make it all work, but a fierce desire to keep moving forward, even against the odds. Intensely curious, Todd’s investigating led to answers that can help founders grow. In the vain of “If not me, who?; If not now, when?” the project was born.

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