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Episode 38 – A Walkthrough in a C-level Executive’s Mind with Blaine Mathieu

Working as a C-level executive is unimaginably difficult and brings a lot of pressure to the table. And every executive on a C-level (CEO, CMO, CFO, name it) has different perceptions in running the business and doing their responsibilities. Learn more from Blaine as he speaks about many different aspects of becoming a CEO and a CMO and how these two differ from each other. 

Blaine Mathieu is the Chief Marketing and Product Officer of VANTIQ – a company that accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises in this information-driven world. He has been in this industry for over 25 years and has a vast array of meaningful experiences in growing startup companies (between 50 and 500 employees) including Gartner, Adobe, Corel, and many more.

In this Episode: 

  • A walkthrough in a CEO’s and CMO’s perspective
  • Product Marketing
  • Accepted wisdom when companies go through their different stages
  • Bridging perception gaps
  • CMOs and CEOs: how do they work together?

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Episode 46 – Putting the “C” back in “CMO”

What’s the “C” in CMO? Apparently, a decline has been seen in the role of the CMO in the organization and this may not be a trend to just brush aside. In this Toddcast episode, let’s dig deep and find out how we can turn things around.

Christine Crandell is a Serial CMO, B2B board member, and C-level global marketing exec who is a strategy expert and transformational leader.

In this Episode:

  • What to look forward to as upcoming podcast episodes for 9 weeks on CEOs and transition, transformation, and tenacity
  • The highlights on the last 12 weeks of all-CMO podcasts
  • How the CMO is becoming a diminishing role and how to bolster the role of marketing
  • How the new marketing role could be a shift or a fad
  • The huge volatility in CMO turnover in the top 100 Fortune 1000 brands based on a Spencer Stuart study
  • 5 things CMOs can do to turn the trend and support their role

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Episode 45 – Making Successful Career Transitions with Seth Greenberg

Knowing yourself and knowing exactly what you want can help you find that remarkable opportunity in a company where you can fit in. And if you are a founder, remember that personality takes precedence over skill set when you want to build up the right team.

Seth Greenberg claims to be a marketer at heart. He was previously Chief Marketing Officer at Alteryx and LifeLock. He was also a Vice President for Social, Advertising, Brand and Digital Strategy at Intuit.

In this Episode:

  • How Seth is using his life principles to deal with forks on the road with his career 
  • How knowing yourself and your strengths is critical to success
  • How to look for what is remarkable for you as an opportunity
  • How to find that company culture where you can truly fit in
  • How personality is priority over skill set in building the right teams

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Episode 37 – Looking at the Perspective of a Business Strategist with Christine Crandell

“The intersection of customer experience is sustainability. It may sound like it’s not relevant to a lot of people but it is. It is the hidden tsunami that is going to knock people right out apart. It’s the next age of customer experience,” these are the words of Christine Crandell a business strategist who will tell us in this episode how businesses can survive in this age of stiff competition and increasing market volatility. 

Christine Crandell is the principal of New Business Strategies, a company which has been in business for 30 years, working with over a hundred companies in 3 continents. She has also written for Forbes, Huffington Post and CMSWire. 

In this episode:

  • Strategic planning: What it is 
  • The four methods of strategic planning
  • The importance of scenario planning
  • Transparency, Accountability, and Customer-Driven


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