Conversation to Conversion​

A conversation that drives revenue. This is not a trick or a hack, but using the conversation to generate and drive revenue. When most organizations are struggling with pipeline management, leads, or content creation, Conversation to Conversion uses two-way conversations to create and drive revenue. We are talking weeks, not months to start connecting with revenue streams that will cause growth.


Challenger brands struggling to overcome a leader in the space. The sales organization consistently loses to the better known brand. Your products and services are likely better than theirs, but they have the leadership position.


Apathy is your biggest challenger where the marketplace doesn’t know about you yet and you struggle to get your product and service in front of them.


A new marketplace, even a new geography, that doesn’t know you yet. You have great customer relationships elsewhere, but find this new territory challenging.


A leadership team - or individual leader - who wants to establish themselves as the thought-leader in the space. But, being a founder, leader, and a thought-leader all at once … well, who has that kinda time?

Conversation to Conversion drives customers to buy because they understand the value – and know your brand delivers that value – better than anyone else. This is done across 4 distinct products:


Misalignment between customer need and product promise cause sales to plummet. The disconnect can happen at launch or it can drift over time. The Assessment gets you quickly back on track and offers valuable insights for future growth and direction.


The best messages are often in the heads of leaders, employees, customers, and external influencers in the market. The Conversations delivers those best ideas - aligned to your customer's need - in ways that they want to engage with them. Target experiences.


You know what your customer wants and you know how to say it. Let's put these two together and get your sales moving forward. The Conversion is the execution and training to deliver revenue to the organization.


No one knows the space better than your executives. But can you lead and be a thought-leader at the same time? The Champion helps your executive or team deliver the goods on camera, on stage, or in writing to help them be viewed as THE voice in the space.

I help your customers …. tell you why they bought and why they aren’t buying more

I help your prospects …. tell you why haven’t bought from you

I help your employees …. tell you why the came on board, and why they stay

I help the marketplace … tell you what your competitors are doing better than you


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